The campaign to erect a statue of Ľudovít Winter in Piešťany

Welcome to the English pages of our website; feel free to browse the site which contains information about the development of Piešťany as a spa town, the role in that development of Ľudovít Winter and our plans to commemorate the incredible contribution Ľudovít Winter made to our town. You will also find information about the project and the ways in which you can support it.

Our mission

Our goal is to erect a commemorative bronze statue of Ľudovít Winter on the Colonnade Bridge in Piešťany. Ľudovít Winter, perhaps Piešťany’s most famous citizen, played a key central role in the development and promotion of Piešťany as one of the great spa towns of Europe and the statue will be a fitting memorial to his achievements.

Memories of Piestany

Our story begins with the book “Memories of Piešťany” the personal memoirs of Ľudovít Winter. The book may not be as famous or well known as those by the likes of JK Rowling or JRR Tolkien but the characters and stories are real and very dear to the hearts of the people of Piešťany.

To the people here, Ľudovít Winter and his family mean as much to Piešťany and the commercial spa business as Walt Disney means to the animation business, or indeed Steve Jobs to the computer industry, such was his impact on its development.

For Piešťany, the impact of the thoughts, ideas and commitment of Ľudovít Winter were as profound as any of the other great thinkers of our society. Piešťany is a town instilled with a great sense of civic pride and the creations of Ľudovít Winter are the focus of most of that pride. Continuing the work began by his father Alexander and with the help and support of his family Ľudovít created something that has lasted throughout the generations. It is hard to imagine Piešťany without the Kursalon, Thermia Palace Hotel or The Napoleon Spa or indeed the town’s most famous symbol; the “Crutch-Breaker” all developed by Ľudovít Winter, without them Piešťany would not be the town it is today.

Through his diligence and hard work Ľudovít Winter turned Piešťany from a small town in to a world renowned spa town. In his later years he liked nothing more than sitting on one of the benches in the middle of the Colonnade Bridge enjoying the results of his life’s work. This image of Ľudovít sitting in his favourite spot has become part of the collective memory of the inhabitants of Piešťany, so often was he seen there. There could be no better location for the commemorative statue.

Project details

Project title: Statue of Ľudovít Winter in Piestany
Implementation Organization: OZ ProWinter
Sculptor: Mgr. art. Roman Hrčka
Material: Bronze
Project Budget: 48 500 €
Location: Colonnade Bridge, Piešťany
Financing: 1. Public donation. 2. 2% tax contribution. 3. The People to People Project.
Main Partners: Piestany City Council, Piestany Spa Museum
Start Date: October 2014
Authorisation: Regional Monuments Board of Trnava
Case Number: KPURR-2013/11485-3/460062/Kl

This project has been undertaken with the kind support of the Winter family.